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DianaPlantSciences has developed an incomparable scientific leadership in plant cell culture by combining the best of plant biology and state-of-the-art technology.

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A Unique know-how in plant cell culture

DianaPlantSciences is able to supply its clients functional actives at far higher concentrations than traditionally found in Nature while retaining a whole food approach thanks to :

  • A unique know-how in cell line selection to single out the best producers of the targeted actives. This capability is supported by a proprietary bioinformatics infrastructure to enable high throughput screening of myriads of cell lines.
  • A rare understanding of metabolic pathways and how to unlock them to reach concentrations of actives that far exceed the plant performance in wild settings without compromising its natural origin.

Thanks to that unique know-how and based on DIANA praised industrial quality standards, DianaPlantSciences is turning the promises of plant cell culture technology into a commercial reality with improved productivity, selectivity and stability of its production processes.

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A novel highly sustainable approach

From the more than 400,000 known plant species, mankind has ever only exploited a small percentage due to the scarce availability of many in nature. Meanwhile, the overexploitation of many has brought increasing attention to the potentially detrimental impact of human consumption on natural equilibria.

By securing commercial-scale production of high value added plant actives in a closely controlled environment, plant cell culture has the potential to overcome the major issues encountered in traditional agriculture by providing:

  • Natural production without any genetic manipulation
  • Absence of pollutants in culture
  • Minimized waste from downstream processing
  • Drastic reduction in consumption of natural resources
  • Biodiversity preservation with the ability to create biomass without any harvesting


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