Worldwide leader in natural functional solutions for Food and palatability enhancers in Pet Food, DIANA anticipates the needs of its customers and accompanies them towards new markets and new technologies.


Four pillars for strategic growth

DIANA's growth strategy is supported by 4 main pillars:

  • Expansion into new geographic regions, notably in strong growth countries

  • Development of high added-value activities, based on a strong technological element and tailored approach with continuous investments on the different platforms of development

  • Strengthening of  strategic partnerships with clients, in order to better assist them in their development strategy

  • Pursuit of Operational Excellence throughout the value chain in order to optimize processes and improve quality across all industrial sites


Solid growth

DIANA has experienced strong growth, with an annual 2 digit growth rate, achieved largely through organic growth.

DIANA invests between 15 to 25 million euros a year. These investments are dedicated to financing new production platforms, particularly in an international scale, as well as new technologies. DIANA implements a policy of targeted acquisitions to strengthen its strategic platforms of development.

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