DIANA is supported by a strong culture, that unites and mobilises all of the Division's employees across the globe on a daily basis.


An industrial and social company project around strong values  


  • Entrepreneurship (ambition, dynamism, commitment)

DIANA is characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in marked employee investment and commitment, focused on the shared aim of progressing and developing new strategic projects in their fields.

  • Agility (reactivity, flexibility, creativity)

Since its creation, DIANA has demonstrated genuine agility, thanks to its ability to anticipate market trends from a very early stage. Through its organisational flexibility and a permanent enrichment of expertise, the Division offers customers tailor-made and innovative solutions, with speeds of response and implementation that meet their needs.

  • High Standards (performance, quality, traceability, safety)

At DIANA, high standards comply with the willing to provide its customers with the best solutions, to continually improve the product performance. This results-based culture is supported by the command of supply channels, a constant attention to quality and safety, and systematic performance evaluation of its solutions.

  • Proximity (partnership, listening, simplicity)

Present globally, DIANA cultivates a close relationship with all of its stakeholders, based on listening, dialogue and mutual understanding. A partnership focused on the long term, notably in terms of R&D, which allows the Division to accompany its customers towards new markets and technologies.

  • Respect (of people and nature)

Respect, care for individuals and nature, are values directly embedded in DIANA's identity. The Division always aims to offer employees working conditions that are propitious to their professional development and the realisation of their goals. Attentive to its territorial base, DIANA is committed to local development that respects communities and environment.