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BRAIN reaches important milestone in strategic partnership with DIANA Pet Food

BRAIN reaches important milestone in strategic partnership with DIANA Pet Food
Friday, July 1st 2016

B.R.A.I.N. and DIANA Pet Food, world’s leading partner for performance solutions in the petfood industry, member of the Symrise Group, today announce the achievement of an important milestone within their strategic partnership in the field of cat taste science.
During the first year ofthis strategic collaboration established for 5 years, the partners were able to establish proliferating cat taste cells (CTC) ahead of schedule with the goal to perform long term studies on the taste perception incats.


This CTC-technology is similar to the recently patented and published BRAIN human taste cell (HTC) technology, being used by BRAIN forscreening purposes to improve human food formulations in order toreduce calorie (sugar/fat) and salt intake with the diet. Nonetheless, human taste cell lines cannot be used for screening purposes in order to improve pet food palatability, as it is well accepted that human taste and flavour perceptions is far different from that of cats and dogs.


"We are very happy that, in only a few months, our strategic partnershipwith BRAIN allowed achieving that important milestone. This is a validbasis for the next steps in our joint program," says Isabelle Guiller, GlobalR&D Director at DIANA Pet Food. "Palatability performance stronglydepends on the interaction between food properties, pet sensoryequipment and individual preferences. That is why we believe that theCTC-technology is a promising and potent method to increase ourknowledge on cat taste mechanisms. Combined with sensorial testing inanimal panels, it will enable us developing increasingly more powerfulpalatants satisfying cats, thus their owners."


Dr. Michael Krohn, Executive VP at BRAIN AG states: "It is great to see that we were able to achieve that important milestone ahead of time. It was of great help for us, though, to transfer the knowledge we achievedon the human taste cell line technology during the last years on the cat taste cells. To our knowledge together with our strategic partner DIANAPet Food we are the only ones in the world having this novel CTCtechnologyin place."



BRAIN is one of Europe’s leading technology companies in the field of industrial biotechnology, the core discipline of Bioeconomy. As such, BRAIN identifies previously untapped, efficient enzymes, microbial producer organisms or natural substances fromcomplex biological systems that can be put to industrial use. The innovative solutions andproducts developed by help of this “Toolbox of Nature” are successfully applied in the chemistry, the cosmetics and the food industries. Today, BRAIN’s business model is based on two pillars – "BioScience" and "BioIndustrial". The first pillar, "BioScience",comprises its – frequently exclusive – collaboration business with industrial partners. Thesecond pillar "BioIndustrial" comprises the development and commercialisation of BRAIN’sown products and active product components.
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Diana Pet Food, the world’s leading partner committed to improving pet food performance,develops innovative solutions to increase the well-being of cats and dogs, and pet owner satisfaction. Integrating global pet food market trends and local needs, Diana Pet Foodworks closely with its customers with the sole objective of supporting their brand positioning and their values. Thanks to a unique innovation policy based on a combined understanding of pet food attributes, animal specificities and pet owners’ expectations,Diana Pet Food offers an exclusive set of services and a wide product portfolio targeting pet food Palatability, pets Health & Nutrition and Natural Pet Food Protection. Worldwide leader in palatability solutions, it relies on a strong establishment in 5 continents with 900employees, 17 industrial sites, 18 sales offices, 1 research center, 4 regional development and technical support centers and 3 expert centers in palatability measurement gathering more than 600 cats and 250 dogs.Diana Pet food is part of Diana, a division of the Symrise Group. Within the Symrise Group, Diana is the trusted partner in advanced natural well-being solutions for food, petfood and aquaculture markets, and constantly explores new fields in responsible nutrition.



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