Development and Application 

DIANA has developed a unique competency in applied research, enabling itself to adapt solutions to customers' needs and to guarantee their performance.  


Unique application expertise 

DIANA works in close collaboration with its customers throughout the production chain, from need identification to application, to guarantee that solutions are tailored to their products.

The Group has implemented pilot application lines in order to qualify solutions prior to their industrialisation. DIANA has also developed expertise in advising customers how to apply its products.  

For example, in the Pet Food division, the Aplicalis team can audit customers production lines and can advise them in choosing application methods.

Performance evaluation

DIANA has implemented a global performance evaluation plan, to verify the effectiveness of its solutions. The Group has developed scientific sensorial analysis tools using trained human and animal panels.

For example, the Pet Food division uses a network of expert dogs and cats known as Panelis, that measures animal choice and consumer habits while respecting their comfort and well-being.

In the Food division, a trained test panel performs a systematic tasting of solutions offered to the clients.

DIANA also works in partnership with external panels, notably in validating the performance of Nutrition/Health functionalities.