DIANA relies on its understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of life to create innovative solutions that are tailor-made to its customers' needs.


Unique expertise in biosciences

DIANA's expertise is based on scientific and technological command of the entire value chain :

  • Understanding the biological behaviour of materials and their sensorial and nutritional properties

  • Industrialisation of a large range of technologies to extract properties from natural raw materials : extraction, hydrolysis, enzyme treatment, fermentation, thermal treatment, concentration, inverse osmosis, ultra filtration, structuring, texturing, drying, biotransformation, etc.

  • Command of the final product's application

With DianaPlantSciences, DIANA relies on a unique expertise in plant cell culture. It allows the Group to develop natural, innovative actives for the nutrition, food supplement and cosmetics industries, while preserving biodiversity.



DIANA delivers genuine functionalities, based on creating valuable solutions from vegetal, meat and fish sources.

The command of these three sources, based on adapted local raw materials, guarantees :

  • constant quality of solutions

  • supply security

  • traceability across the production chain

  • respect of resources and biodiversity